The Staff of the Hierophants


The Staff of the Hierophants has four main powers, accessible or not depending on who is wielding it:

Creeping doom (summon centipede swarms)

Command plants (communicate with and control plant creatures)

Elemental swarm (summon elementals)

Shambler (summon and control shambling mounds)

It can delay the break of dawn !

It becomes bound to the wielder — permanently.

Was previously wielded by the Avian Hierophant, who used it to summon the evil Fowl Conspiracy. The Silent Sisterhood of the Desert, the Armies of Stonewall, and the swamp peoples overthrew him in the end. Legend has it that he was exiled into another dimension.

It will lie to you in your sleep if you don’t have control of it.

The Staff of the Hierophants

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