Each building is dedicated to a specific ancestor.

The southern port is a direct port to the southeastern desert of XYZ.

There are basements, tunnels and catacombs everywhere.

Nawlins militia: 100 people we can trust, 250 regular conscripts, 500 sheeple.

keep (has earthen perimeter dikes topped with wooden stockade walls for defense and flood protection)
prosperity: moderate
population: shrinking
defenses: watch
religion: papa capa
resource: capybara products
resource: jungle drugs
need: supplies
resource: market

Nawlins is a small walled trading town on the edge of the Bog of the Fallen Star, fallen on hard times itself since ages ago.

Its inhabitants are banded together here for mutual defense from outside dangers.

Their economy is based on domesticated capybaras, raised for meat and milk and to make capybara butter, sometimes infused with mild hallucinogenic herbs.

They also manufacture a more powerful ayahuasca/LSD analog out of swamp herbs and distribute it throughout the region. Nawlins is a hub of this industry and the money from this keeps the town alive.

Their main religion is a voudou-style cult around Papa Capa, the capybara god, and they practice human sacrifice. Other voodou legba are also worshipped, including Ogoun (fire/metal), Legba (travel/crossroads) and Baron Samedi (graveyards).

The town is generally dark and dangerous, a fantasy version of old New Orleans. There are bands and bards performing, pirates docking, rich traders and their slaves and concubines, thieves, bandits, and some dark voudou priests as well.


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