The World As We Know It

In the Box

The PCs were on top of the city walls watching for the lizard man army, when a dense fog came boiling out of the swamp water.

Soon they found themselves in an impenetrable mist, and the walls turned to a white gravel path, together with Rebecca and 3 of the city guard archers. They couldn’t see anything OFF the path. They were assailed by two stone golems but came out alive.

They followed the path in one direction and passed through a glowing rectangular door. It led to a dungeon in which they found JC van Damme and some of his cultists. The PCs vanquished most of them but JC escaped. The PCs found the Staff of the Hierophants and found the exit up, at the end of the episode they climbed out to find themselves in the smoking ruins of the Papa Capa temple.

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

In our last episode, a number of seemingly supernatural events beset the adventurers.

They were attacked by Were Capybaras, whom they defeated only with some difficulties.

A storm cropped up ONLY around their HQ, and eventually a dark tarry rain began to fall around the place and accumulate on the ground. They made a run for it and found that conditions were fine in town.

They made their way to the Papa Capa temple, where equally unsettling events took place, but they eventually succeeded in burning it to the ground. However the mysterious weather around their HQ persisted.

In the end, they had not solved the secret of what was happening. Tune in next time…

The Killing of Jean Claude

In this episode, the PCs consolidated their control of Nawlins and killed Jean-Claude and his henchmen in the basement of the Papa Capa temple.

Taking Over Nawlins

As Episode 3 begins, the players are regrouping in the marshes following the abortive raid on the city of Sur-sshak, where Antoine is leading the lizardmen in dark rituals.

They meet Mistofain, who was the lizardmen’s prisoner, but Hermes is nowhere to be found.

Lars Larssensen leads them back to Nawlins, where they promptly imprison him in a mausoleum.

Through a devious plot involving a lizardman zombie and the head of Shawn-Luke, the (now dead) High Priest of Papa Capa, they manage to install Hastur as the Dark Lord of Nawlins and Zzyzx becomes the town’s new ruler.

She installs Darius/Noxen as the new Sheriff of Nawlins and they run the old guy out of town.

The new Governing Council of Nawlins is:

Zzyzx – High Priestess of Hastur
Darius/Noxen – Sheriff
Severin – Advisor
Charlene & Orleans – Servants of Hastur (and of Zzyzx)
Rebecca the Magical Dyke – Perimeter Defense Coordinator

Towards the end, Asch of the Nhadragh walks into the Council chambers and asks for help for her people. The PCs show her to a guest room.

There is a magical raid against the perimeter walls by a lizardman sorcerer and 4 lizardman riders. The magical attack is held at bay by Rebecca, and then while the PCs are debating their next move, Asch appears on the walls, one-shots the lizard sorcerer with a black arrow from her longbow, and then casually walks away.

The City of Sur-sshak

The players pursued the killers of a Nawlins ritual murder victim and took one captive, Lars Larsen the Canadian raider, killing one skinny tall black guy and one hybrid lizardman.

Lars led them back to Sur-sshak in the marshes, where they assaulted the town by setting a watchtower on fire and sneaking around another way. However they couldn’t take the group of lizardmen and humans who ran down from the top of the main pyramid so they ran away to regroup.

XP: players each get 6 XP for misc missed attempts.
+1 XP each for fulfilling their alignment.
Did they learn something new and important about the world? Yes, +1 XP each.
Did they overcome a notable monster or enemy? No.
Did they loot a memorable treasure? No.
Total 8 XP each.

In the Beginning

As our story begins, our characters are at the Doomed Crossroads, a tavern in the swamp village of Nawlins. They’ve heard about a series of grisly murders in the town that have involved bodies found that had been flayed alive and their eyes burnt out, and they are trying to find out more.

There is an agent of the Lord of the Stars at the local Papa Capa temple and he’s left an (invisible) Yellow Sign outside, which Zzyzx notices. She places one outside the door at the Doomed Crossroads as well.

Questions for next time:

What is each character’s history with Nawlins?

What have they heard about the murders?


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