The World As We Know It

The City of Sur-sshak

The players pursued the killers of a Nawlins ritual murder victim and took one captive, Lars Larsen the Canadian raider, killing one skinny tall black guy and one hybrid lizardman.

Lars led them back to Sur-sshak in the marshes, where they assaulted the town by setting a watchtower on fire and sneaking around another way. However they couldn’t take the group of lizardmen and humans who ran down from the top of the main pyramid so they ran away to regroup.

XP: players each get 6 XP for misc missed attempts.
+1 XP each for fulfilling their alignment.
Did they learn something new and important about the world? Yes, +1 XP each.
Did they overcome a notable monster or enemy? No.
Did they loot a memorable treasure? No.
Total 8 XP each.


johnvon johnvon

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