The World As We Know It

Taking Over Nawlins

As Episode 3 begins, the players are regrouping in the marshes following the abortive raid on the city of Sur-sshak, where Antoine is leading the lizardmen in dark rituals.

They meet Mistofain, who was the lizardmen’s prisoner, but Hermes is nowhere to be found.

Lars Larssensen leads them back to Nawlins, where they promptly imprison him in a mausoleum.

Through a devious plot involving a lizardman zombie and the head of Shawn-Luke, the (now dead) High Priest of Papa Capa, they manage to install Hastur as the Dark Lord of Nawlins and Zzyzx becomes the town’s new ruler.

She installs Darius/Noxen as the new Sheriff of Nawlins and they run the old guy out of town.

The new Governing Council of Nawlins is:

Zzyzx – High Priestess of Hastur
Darius/Noxen – Sheriff
Severin – Advisor
Charlene & Orleans – Servants of Hastur (and of Zzyzx)
Rebecca the Magical Dyke – Perimeter Defense Coordinator

Towards the end, Asch of the Nhadragh walks into the Council chambers and asks for help for her people. The PCs show her to a guest room.

There is a magical raid against the perimeter walls by a lizardman sorcerer and 4 lizardman riders. The magical attack is held at bay by Rebecca, and then while the PCs are debating their next move, Asch appears on the walls, one-shots the lizard sorcerer with a black arrow from her longbow, and then casually walks away.


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