The World As We Know It

In the Box

The PCs were on top of the city walls watching for the lizard man army, when a dense fog came boiling out of the swamp water.

Soon they found themselves in an impenetrable mist, and the walls turned to a white gravel path, together with Rebecca and 3 of the city guard archers. They couldn’t see anything OFF the path. They were assailed by two stone golems but came out alive.

They followed the path in one direction and passed through a glowing rectangular door. It led to a dungeon in which they found JC van Damme and some of his cultists. The PCs vanquished most of them but JC escaped. The PCs found the Staff of the Hierophants and found the exit up, at the end of the episode they climbed out to find themselves in the smoking ruins of the Papa Capa temple.


johnvon johnvon

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